Our Berries


The Albion variety was first introduced to the market place in 2006. This variety was developed by Doug Shaw and Kirk Larson at the University of California. The Albion has been credited with the increased strawberry consumption in the U.S. Since its release, strawberry consumption has steadily increased this is no surprise due to its spectacular flavor.

San Andreas

The San Andreas variety was developed in 2009 by Doug Shaw and Kirk Larson at the University of California. This is a popular variety among growers in the Santa Maria Valley due to its high yields and lower growing costs. This variety also has a tendency to produce strawberries earlier than Albion while also producing more beautiful fruit.


The Monterey variety has been in production since 2009 and is one of the least known varieties but quickly gaining favor with growers in the Watsonville and Salinas growing regions. Growers are favoring this variety due to its ability to maintain firmness in the long midsummer days. Firmness is a significant consideration when shipping delicate strawberries. 

Up-And-Coming Varieties


The Fronteras is one of the first short-day varieties to be developed by the University of California in a number of years. A short-day variety produces fruit in the short days of the year because the shorter light period triggers flowering in the plant. We are very impressed with this plant’s production capabilities and fruit flavor. You may be seeing this variety on store shelves in the next few years.


Granada is another new variety we are excited about. This is a true short-day variety yielding most of its fruit in the early months of January and February.